Dead Space

Dead Space

  • Updated
  • Version1.2.0
  • RequirementsAndroid 2.1
  • GenreAction

Dead Space is an entertaining sci-fi shooter with Survival Horror elements. The game stands out against the background of similar ones with its extremely creepy atmosphere and a huge arsenal of weapons. The story tells about the events that closely connected the stories of Isaac Clarke and The Sprawl station. In the project, the user will get to know a new character.

The main character of the game Dead Space for Android is an engineer nicknamed Vandal, who received the task from the church to destroy the panels on the space station. At the same time, he was not destined to find out either the aspects or the main tasks of this mission. After all the panels are destroyed, the Necromorphs find themselves at the station and the engineer, declared a saboteur, fights the monsters attacking him.

The main character is periodically haunted by hallucinations, the cause of which is the radiation of the Obelisk, harmful to the human body. The vandal meets his own copy, the corridors turn out to be without doors, the mountains of the dead lie in the place where the supplies were just there, etc. In Dead Space, there are missions on trains from time to time. At the stations, you can find airless zones in which gravity is completely absent and sounds do not propagate. Periodically come across workbenches with which you can improve weapons, and selling an additional arsenal, ammunition and shops with donations.

This is a dynamic shooter with horror elements, inheriting from its computer version a huge arsenal of weapons and a gloomy atmosphere that instills fear. You can download the Dead Space game for Android using the active link below.

Dead Space
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