Drive Ahead

Drive Ahead! – Fun Car Battles

  • Updated
  • Version3.9.0
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreRacing
  • Google PlayOpen

Drive Ahead is a fun and dynamic racing simulator with arcade elements. In the game, the participant needs to go through difficult routes, overcome all obstacles, avoid damage, destroy as many enemy vehicles as possible and reach the finish line. The project is quite simple and straightforward, it has primitive graphics and a poor color palette. But good animation, dynamics and good sound design make a good impression.

In the game Drive Ahead for Android, you can try to choose passive tactics. Hide and wait for the wrong action to destroy the opponent or he leaves the distance, and will automatically bring the long-awaited victory. But such a position will inevitably lead to a loss. At some point, the playing field is flooded with water – the one who sits in a secluded shelter will surely drown before the opponent. The same function is performed by saws that appear on the track in the most unexpected places. The developers have come up with many obstacles, traps and “pleasant” surprises.

The main goal of Drive Ahead is to complete the race track and destroy all opponents. You can play against other users or fight bots. The battle with real players creates additional intrigue and makes the process more dynamic. The type of races is set at the very beginning, it is no longer possible to change it during the game. Then the user selects the mode. There are three of them in the project, and each has its own characteristics. A beginner is better off playing classic racing. An experienced player can try his hand at two more difficult modes.

Features of the game Drive Ahead

In Classic or Standard Drive Ahead mode, the user configures the basic characteristics. He can choose the car, rivals and the track where the race will take place, or leave the basic parameters. To win, he needs to score 5 points. They are given for inflicting damage on an opponent that is incompatible with further riding. To do this, it is enough to turn over an enemy car or drive over it from above. Minor collisions do not count! The control is simple, even a beginner will quickly get used to it. Two buttons are displayed on the smartphone screen. One is responsible for the speed, the other determines the direction of movement.

In the mission mode, the user has to complete various missions. They can be viewed in a separate menu. There are also listed the cards on which to play. To open the next location in Drive Ahead, you need to complete certain tasks. For the successful completion of missions, the internal currency is charged. It cannot be withdrawn, but you can place bets at a local casino. In case of luck, the user gets a brand new car or changes the appearance of the rider at his discretion. Valuable prizes make the game even more interesting.

In the “King of the Hill” mode, the main goal is to remove opponents from the track that appear in the most unexpected places. At the same time, it is important to take care of the health of your own car, because rivals are also trying to inflict the maximum possible damage on it. The winner is the one who manages to hold out to the end, destroying all enemies. This mode is more suitable for experienced players.

This unconventional and very dynamic obstacle course develops reaction, the ability to quickly navigate difficult situations and achieve success at any cost. They will appeal to users of all ages and will help to spend their free time. You can download the game Drive Ahead for Android using the active link below.

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