• Updated
  • Version5.7.4
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreCasual
  • Google PlayOpen

Homescapes is an addicting match 3 puzzle game where you can feel like an interior designer. The game managed to combine excellent graphics, interesting gameplay and an unusual storyline. The player’s goal is to restore the family estate, and to complete it, he will go through the levels, earning the necessary funds. The project is suitable for all age categories: both children and adults will find interesting elements here.

The protagonist of the game Homescapes Android is a butler named Austin and his relatives. The user must restore the family estate of the protagonist’s family, because the old house has fallen into disrepair, has become unreliable and ugly. Passing the levels, the player will receive funds for the restoration of the house, for which it will be possible to purchase new interior elements and simply improve the general condition of the old building.

The gameplay is based on a match 3 puzzle. The player is faced with rows of items such as cups, teapots or buttons. In Homescapes, you need to rearrange objects in such a way that three identical things become in a row. After that, the existing row will disappear, and new items will take its place. After passing the level, the player receives a reward, and if he passes it with honors, then also bonuses. Gold is spent on restoring a dilapidated building and purchasing new things, and bonuses are spent on skipping difficult levels.

Homescapes is primarily aimed at those with creative abilities and those who love to create interior design. You can completely equip the premises of the building to your liking. There is a huge catalog of wardrobes, sofas and other furniture. By correctly arranging the available items, you can bring beauty and comfort to the old gloomy house. You can furnish not only rooms, but also other rooms: for example, at a certain stage of the game, the opportunity to restore an abandoned garage opens up. With the help of the player, it will turn into a stylish and cozy place.

Homescapes develops logical thinking, intuition, intelligence. Due to its qualities, the puzzle has gained immense popularity among users of all ages. The participant will have to calculate the moves in advance, which will be of significant help in real life. The application is made with high quality, the levels will have to go through more than one week, and the graphics stand out against the background of analogues.

Features of the game Homescapes

  • There are residents in the house who are very happy with the purchase of new furniture or the restoration of part of the building. As you level up, you will discover new information about the people who own this house. The player will be able to see photos of members of this family and learn many facts about their life.
  • The participant will face various obstacles that will interfere with a calm game. An example would be a faulty tap or damaged furniture, which will cause enormous inconvenience. But they do not discourage the desire to play, but on the contrary – solving problems makes the gameplay more fun.
  • Residents of the house are engaged in everyday activities, talk about their lives, dance and so on. The game has the ability to correspond and chat with friends playing Homescapes.

You can download the game Homescapes for Android using the active link below.

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