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Speechify is an interesting and functional application that is the official client of the service of the same name. The program allows you to voice any text documents: emails, articles from various sites, notes from printed publications, and even entire books. The utility will become an indispensable assistant for video creators who are embarrassed by their voice, and will save the user a lot of time.

The Speechify app for android works with different types of media. The program recognizes text in digital format, as well as scanned articles from printed publications. They are automatically converted to PDF and opened in the client interface. There is a function that imports data from browsers and websites. The built-in scanner uses the smartphone’s camera. To do this, simply select the appropriate option from the menu and direct it to the page. A bright frame will appear on the display, where the entire fragment should fit. A previously taken and saved photograph can also become a source of material.

The result is stored in the memory of the mobile device. The program is integrated with iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud storages. There, the user will be able to create their own library containing interesting audio materials. It will be accessible from different devices.

The Speechify utility supports different languages, including Russian, English, German, French and other options. When voicing, the user himself chooses the appropriate male or female voice. Artificial intelligence and the latest technology ensure maximum realism in sound. In the settings you can specify the optimal playback speed.

Speechify has additional features available only for money. By paying, you can achieve HD quality audio recording and absolute naturalness of reading. Only a specialist can distinguish it from the voice of a real person.

Speechify app features

  • The basic functions of the program are available for free.
  • The application easily converts any text to speech.
  • Successful recognition of all the most common languages.
  • As a primary source, you can use digital and printed media.

You can download the Speechify app for Android using the active link below.

Download Speechify – text to speech tts for android free
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