Streamlabs: Live Stream Video Games, Go Live IRL

Streamlabs: Live Stream Video Games, Go Live IRL

Streamlabs is a simple and affordable live streaming application. The program captures an image from the display or from a camera of a mobile device, transmits sound from a microphone. This ensures constant interaction and communication with the audience. The utility displays various widgets on the screen, which is especially important when conducting video conferencing.

During the installation of the Streamlabs application for android, you should specify the data reading source in the settings. It can be a display or a video camera of a smartphone. Sound is transmitted from speaker or microphone. A picture from the front camera can be displayed in a separate window. Integration with YouTube, Twitch, Periscope and other platforms that support streaming video has been implemented. During the broadcast, the user will be able to answer questions from viewers, communicate with their audience and with subscribers. When a new message appears, the utility will display a notification.

Before starting the conference, you need to choose the optimal video quality. If the baud rate is slow, it is better to specify the minimum resolution. Also, Streamlabs has implemented the ability to create a private cloud server that can compensate for communication problems. During the viewing process, viewers will see all kinds of widgets on the screens that will immediately grab their attention. They may contain important footnotes, payment details for the transfer of funds, contact information. The program allows you to insert a chat window into the broadcast for quick messaging.

Features of the Streamlabs app

  • All program features are available free of charge.
  • The optimal solution for conferences, live broadcasts, game streams.
  • Adjust the picture and sound quality, add widgets with important information.
  • Selecting a data source, capturing video from the display, transmitting sound from a microphone.
  • Integration with popular streaming services.

You can download Streamlabs applications for Android using the active link below.

Streamlabs: Live Stream Video Games, Go Live IRL
Download Streamlabs: Live Stream Video Games, Go Live IRL for android free
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