Unholy Adventure: приключенческие игры оффлайн

Unholy Adventure: point and click story game

  • Updated
  • Version1.9.1
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.0
  • GenreAdventure
  • Google PlayOpen

Unholy Adventure is an exciting point-and-click quest. The game has several advantages over other similar projects. There is an intriguing backstory that goes into some detail. The main character, Peter Grim, has his wife kidnapped. Now he has to find her, and at the same time understand what is happening around. In the city where the events unfold, terrible things happen. Huge rats attack people, an incessant storm rages on the coastal streets. Residents are scared and try not to leave their homes.

In the game Unholy Adventure for android, the user has to go to a strange city and give answers to many difficult questions. He must understand how it all began, what to do next, how to find the missing woman. The mystical plot and sequential development of events are mesmerizing and do not let you get away from the display. The gamer is waiting for exciting adventures in an eerie and incomprehensible place, strange and dangerous situations, original characters and difficult tasks. The developers perfectly managed to convey the atmosphere of general panic, growing anxiety and complete hopelessness.

Unholy Adventure has addictive point-and-click gameplay. You need to move around perfectly traced locations and examine them in detail. Each room contains interactive areas, marked in a special way. There are items to interact with. First, the participant will be in the apartment of the protagonist. There the electricity needs to be repaired in order to turn on the light and leave the room. Scattered everywhere are leaflets with numbers that need to be collected. As you progress through, they will help in solving various problems.

Unholy Adventure has simple mechanics. When you see an active item, you need to touch it and place it in your inventory. Items located there can be combined and then used. For example, to illuminate a dark area of ​​a room, you will need to insert batteries found separately into the flashlight. The project includes many simple and difficult tasks that will help you overcome all obstacles and get closer to the final. Participants will love the unique atmosphere of the game, well-designed locations, captivating dialogues and beautiful graphics in a hand-drawn style. You can download the game Unholy Adventure for android using the active link below.

Unholy Adventure: приключенческие игры оффлайн
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