Video Editor APP – VivaCut

VivaCut is a simple and functional application that allows you to work with video materials. The program includes a set of advanced tools for creating and editing videos. The user will be able to trim and combine multiple clips, apply interesting filters, add original transitions and apply complex effects, insert music tracks.

The VivaCut application for android contains detailed instructions that describe all the available functionality of the editor and the process of creating videos. After familiarizing yourself with the interface, you should select the material for subsequent processing. The original clip can be taken from the gallery or directly from the smartphone camera. The utility allows you to trim unnecessary fragments, remove individual frames and entire scenes, combine multiple clips. In places of “breaks” should be inserted smooth and beautiful transitions. VivaCut developers have added support for double exposure and “Picture-in-Picture” technology.

The program has a whole library of unique special effects, graphics, emoticons. It is possible to replace the background of the video, add captions, adjust the image quality. The finished video has a resolution of 720-1080p. It can be posted on Instagram and other popular social networks.

The VivaCut utility contains a large collection of original melodies. If desired, the user can insert an audio track into the clip. To do this, just select any of the proposed compositions or create your own audio recording through the microphone of your mobile device. The program allows you to cut too long melodies, change the playback speed. It is also possible to extract the audio track from the video and replace it with a more suitable musical accompaniment.

Features of VivaCut application

  • The video editor is distributed free of charge.
  • Ample opportunities for processing and mounting rollers.
  • A function that allows you to delete individual objects, change backgrounds.
  • Large selection of filters, transitions and special effects, adding signatures.
  • Catalog of musical compositions, the ability to insert soundtrack.

You can download the VivaCut application for Android using the active link below.

Download Video Editor APP – VivaCut for android free
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