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Wattpad is a handy thematic application that gives you access to the platform of the same name by the largest creative community. It has over 90 million users from all over the world. They are all united by one interesting hobby. They are good at writing fun and exciting stories and love to read stories from other authors. In the service, everyone can publish their work and find out what impression it makes on strangers.

New stories are constantly being added to the Wattpad Android app. All of them are immediately sorted by genre. There are funny, fantastic, detective, adventure, romantic and other works written in different languages. Readers are free to comment on other people’s stories. Everyone expresses their opinion, shares their impressions, points out possible flaws and mistakes. No one makes fun of someone’s work, does not reject them without reason, does not subject the authors to harsh criticism and does not go to person.

To enter the Wattpad community, you just need to download and install this application. Readers will find a lot of interesting things there. If you especially like the story, you can save it in your library or send it to your friends. The program supports synchronization. The site can be accessed from a phone, tablet and computer. The creators of the project also often re-read the works of unknown authors and send them to representatives of publishing houses and multimedia companies. The most talented guys receive lucrative offers and can get good jobs.

Features of the Wattpad app

  • An opportunity to join a large community of story lovers.
  • The platform brings together tens of millions of users.
  • Convenient system for searching and selecting stories by genre.
  • A function that allows you to forward a story to friends.
  • The works are written in many languages.
  • Creation of your own library.
  • A chance to gain popularity.

You can download the Wattpad application for Android using the active link below.

Download Wattpad – Read & Write Stories for android free
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