while True: learn()

while True: learn()

  • Updated
  • Version1.2.94
  • RequirementsAndroid 6.0
  • GenreEducational
  • Google PlayOpen

while True: learn() is an entertaining arcade simulator from Nival International with puzzle elements. The game will arouse interest in everyone who is attracted by the wonderful world of programming. Players will have to master machine learning, create a translator from the feline language, solve many exciting and challenging puzzles.

In the game while True: learn() for android, the user is given the opportunity to become an ordinary programmer who spends all the time at the monitor screen. One day he suddenly realizes that his cat understands computers no worse than the most experienced and highly professional programmer. The one and only drawback of such a specialist is that he is not able to share his deep knowledge in human language.

In while True: learn(), you will need to develop a unique translator that will translate valuable information from your pet’s language into human. The implementation of this complex task will require considerable financial investments. Completion of additional tasks will bring you money. With the money earned, you can buy a phone, more advanced equipment or a suit for your cat.

While True: learn() is based on real machine learning principles and successfully combines complex programming tasks with casualness. The project is suitable not only for users who know programming languages, but also for everyone who has only heard a lot about them. You will have an exciting journey through the mysterious world of neural networks and machine learning. Try to move objects around the screen and connect them. In case of failure, try again as many times as necessary to achieve your goal.

Features of the game while True: learn()

  • originality of the idea and excellent implementation;
  • informative content that will be useful to both amateurs and programmers;
  • a huge number of puzzles that become more difficult as you progress;
  • the opportunity to try on the role of a professional programmer;
  • availability of additional orders and startups.

You can download the game while True: learn() for android using the active link below.

while True: learn()
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