Zenly Зенли - Твоя карта, твои люди

Zenly – Your map, your people

  • Updated
  • Version5.0.5
  • RequirementsAndroid 7.0
  • GenreSocial
  • Google PlayOpen

Zenly is a program that provides a unique opportunity to always be aware of where your friends are at a given time and where they are going, as well as to track some parameters of their devices. This allows you to be constantly in touch and as quickly as possible to calculate the exact time of the meeting.

The Zenly app for android is downloaded to a mobile device by a certain group of people, who then conveniently contact each other. On the map of the area, the location of friends is marked with tags with their personal avatars. Along with this, the direction and speed of movement of friends, the number of their messages and the level of battery charge on their smartphone will be displayed.

The Zenly program allows you to quickly build a convenient route to the desired object and calculate the time required for this, both in pedestrian mode and by car. The route you have laid is shown on the city map as a solid line. If, at the time of meeting with a friend, you make contact with gadgets, all friends will receive a notification, in the form of a special image, that your meeting has already taken place.

At the bottom of the map there is a button for the list of friends with thumbnails of their avatars and chat icons. When you select one of them, its location and the state of charge of the battery will be marked. The area for writing the text of messages and the button for sending it are located under the map, there is also a button for sending a photo. Below them are buttons for animated gifs, emojis and emoticons. The map can be switched to satellite mode.

When the Zenly app is running in global mode, the map will show the location of your comrades anywhere in the world. Above, it will be indicated in which countries the users are now, and avatars will be installed at their locations.

The Zenly program allows you to view summary statistics that show how much time and with which friend the user spends, in what places he visits. When a person is being watched, their popularity grows, which can be seen by all users in the group. It is possible to view the history of where the comrades were during the whole day. For those who wish not to indicate their location, a ghost mode function is provided, which will allow you to hide from everyone.

Zenly app features

  • an overview of the locations of friends in real time;
  • viewing the movements of friends throughout the day;
  • popularity rating when tracking location;
  • the ability to track the location of friends on the mountain slopes;
  • ghost mode function;
  • review of users anywhere in the world;
  • availability of detailed statistics.

You can download the Zenly app for Android using the active link below.

Zenly Зенли - Твоя карта, твои люди
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