5 Nights At Grek's Hotel

5 Nights At Grek’s Hotel

  • Updated
  • Version1.2
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.1
  • GenreHorror
  • Google PlayOpen

5 Nights At Grek’s Hotel is a fascinating and original horror game that will appeal to fans of cool horror movies. Events unfold in a huge and creepy hotel, where the protagonist will spend 5 nights. But the old building holds a lot of terrible secrets that need to be revealed. Gamers are waiting for exciting adventures, unknown dangers, insidious traps and merciless enemies.

The hotel belongs to a certain Greek – a large and scary creature, reminiscent of Shrek. As you progress through the player will meet other characters from the popular cartoon. All of them have become cunning, vicious and do not cause good emotions. The protagonist is waiting for serious trials, and any mistake can cost him his life.

You need to carefully explore a huge and gloomy building with many different rooms. To escape, you will have to complete exciting, but rather strange missions and solve interesting puzzles. Each location has hints and useful items that will be useful for further passage. The project has atmospheric graphics, appropriate soundtrack and simple controls.

Features of the game 5 Nights At Grek’s Hotel

  • Lots of unique locations.
  • Solving fun puzzles.
  • Strange characters from the famous cartoon.
  • Interesting plot, scary and tense atmosphere.

You can download the game 5 Nights At Grek’s Hotel for Android using the active link below.

5 Nights At Grek's Hotel
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