Brothers: a Tale of two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

  • Updated
  • Version1.0.0
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.0
  • GenreAdventure
  • Google PlayOpen

Brothers: a Tale of two Sons is an interesting and peculiar story-parable with elements of an adventure puzzle. The game carries important ideas about universal values. The project touches upon topics such as heroism, dedication, a sense of duty, dedication and care for loved ones. It was developed by Starbreeze Studios, which has already created several bright and original projects of a new generation with a philosophical background.

The game Brothers: a Tale of two Sons for Android is different from other similar applications. There are no epic arena battles, evil monsters and hidden treasures in it. The participant does not have to freely travel the open world, look for weapons and build a shelter. There is also no system for pumping heroes, additional missions and boring dialogues necessary to understand the plot and find out important details. The developers offer users an exciting story that penetrates the soul and amazes with its artless and uncompromising simplicity.

Brothers: a Tale of two Sons has a touching plot. He talks about two brothers. Their father fell seriously ill, but the witch doctor could not overcome the disease. To save him, you need a special elixir, which is stored in a magic tree. Finding him won’t be easy, but the brothers hit the road. They have a map with a detailed route. But the younger hero is afraid of water, so all rivers and lakes will have to be bypassed. His fear is associated with the tragic death of his mother, who drowned before his eyes.

To achieve the goal, the heroes will have to endure many trials, overcome all the dangers and understand a few simple truths. They must learn to support each other in all situations. The brothers leave the house and hit the road. First, they need to ride the death train. An eerie train moves through an unreal world, strange views float past the windows. When the express stops, one of the passengers goes to Valhalla.

The guys understand that they may die, but continue on their way. The developers of Brothers: a Tale of two Sons managed to convey the emotions and experiences of the heroes without inserting tedious dialogues into the gameplay. Characters say little or use incomprehensible language. The game amazes and touches to the core. The story lasts only 2-3 hours. During this time, the participant has time to completely immerse himself in the problems of the characters. The original presentation and well-conveyed atmosphere creates strong feelings for the fate of the characters.

Brothers: a Tale of two Sons game has quite convenient and simple controls. Difficulties arise when the heroes act simultaneously: they try to turn the valve, fly on a hang-glider, cross the abyss on a dilapidated bridge. In this case, you need to adapt and remember that on the right are the controls for the older brother, and on the left for the younger.

The heroes constantly interact with the world around them and act in their own way in the same situations. For example, the younger is trying to take the broom away from the elderly cleaning lady, and the older wants to help her. How the characters behave in this or that case depends on their moral qualities. Any action predetermines the further development of events. By observing what is happening, the player can draw important conclusions.

As he progresses, he will have to solve simple but interesting puzzles. The unobtrusive mechanics of Brothers: a Tale of two Sons make the process easier. High-quality graphics allows you to view locations in all details. A well-chosen musical arrangement creates the right mood and maintains a distinctive atmosphere. A wonderful project will appeal to all lovers of beautiful philosophical stories and will help while away their free time. Download the game Brothers: a Tale of two Sons for android, you can use the active link below.

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    Very good game

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