Cell to Singularity: Evolution

Cell to Singularity: Evolution

  • Updated
  • Version10.19
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.1
  • GenreSimulation
  • Google PlayOpen

Cell to Singularity is an unusual and exciting simulator with classic clicker mechanics, where the participant will have to control the evolution process. The scale of the project is impressive, the gameplay spans many billions of years. The task of the gamer is to first create the simplest microorganisms, in order to then transform them into various forms of life that exist on Earth. In Cell to Singularity, he will act as a creator and will be able to choose himself in which direction the development will go. Perhaps the most intelligent creature on the planet will not be human at all.

To create new elements and organisms, special energy is required. In the game Cell to Singularity for Android, it is called entropy. This is the most important resource, the reserves of which must be constantly replenished. It is produced by prokaryotes – the simplest single-celled organisms that have played an important role in real evolution. They generate a certain amount of entropy every second. To increase their performance, you need to pump this characteristic. With a lot of energy, the user will be able to calmly engage in the development of life.

First, he will create a “building material” – amino acids, which are used in the formation of the genetic code. This will ensure the transfer of hereditary information and consolidate species characteristics. This will create different types of bacteria, viruses and microbes. They gradually evolve into more complex species. As you progress through the game, the participant will populate the oceans and land, come up with completely new samples of flora and fauna. The huge variety of plants and animals will make them quickly adapt to any changes in external conditions. Some species will disappear, giving way to stronger and more tenacious organisms. Finally, populations of intelligent beings will appear on Earth.

Cell to Singularity has incredibly simple yet addictive gameplay. To generate entropy and create different species, just click on the smartphone display. The participant will be pleased with the pleasant graphics made in soothing colors. The simulator is educational in nature and helps to understand the process of evolution and the appearance of new living beings on Earth. The project develops fantasy, imagination and strategic thinking. It will appeal to children and adults and will help you spend your free time in an interesting way. You can download the game Cell to Singularity for Android using the active link below.

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