CrisisX - Last Survival Game

CrisisX – Last Survival Game

  • Updated
  • Version1.8.5
  • RequirementsAndroid 6.0
  • GenreAdventure
  • Google PlayOpen

CrisisX is an interesting and well-designed MMORPG that has won many fans on all continents. The game takes the user to a strange and uncomfortable world where a terrible apocalypse took place. There were almost no ordinary people left, and the streets of abandoned cities were filled with crowds of dangerous mutants. The participant will have to visit huge open locations that need to be explored. In the process of passing the gamer will have to constantly fight with zombies, marauders and other opponents. Its task is to survive, adapt to new conditions and lay the foundations of a future civilization.

CrisisX game for android has a detailed plot with background. In secret laboratories, unethical scientists have created deadly bacteriological weapons. Once in the body, it quickly caused uncontrolled mutations, turning a person into a bloodthirsty monster. He did not die, but became a zombie. But the virus broke out of the scientific complex, sowing real chaos in the world. The main character managed to avoid infection. Now he has to fight monsters. The user can choose and customize the appearance of his character. After that, you can start playing.

First you need to explore large-scale and well-detailed locations. There, the gamer will find many valuable resources and useful items that should be placed in the inventory. The main thing is to provide yourself with clean water and food. To do this, you will have to hunt, fish, grow vegetables and other crops. Over time, the CrisisX member will build a secure shelter where you can store supplies and hide from enemies. He will meet other survivors and will exchange experiences. But you need to be careful! Monsters are chasing normal people and trying to destroy them.

Features of the game CrisisX

  • Possibility to choose and customize a hero.
  • Collection of useful resources and building materials.
  • Spectacular and dynamic battles with mutants.
  • Contacts with other people who managed to survive.
  • Massive open world locations to explore.

You can download the game CrisisX for Android using the active link below.

CrisisX - Last Survival Game
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