Dandara: Trials of Fear

  • Updated
  • Version1.5.19
  • RequirementsAndroid 7.0
  • GenreAdventure
  • Google PlayOpen

Dandara: Trials of Fear is a fun mix of 2D platformer and metroidvania developed by Long Hat House. The game tells about the fantastic world of Salt, where gravity and other laws of physics do not work. The project has two-dimensional graphics in the old-school pixel style, all the action is accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack. Explore a fantastic, hostile world, discover its secrets, defeat enemies, meet a variety of characters, pass tests and solve puzzles. Upon awakening, Dandara will restore harmony and tranquility to the doomed inhabitants.

In the game Dandara: Trials of Fear, events take place in the unique world of Salt, full of fantastic creatures. Soli is in a depressed state on the verge of collapse and absolute chaos. Formerly free and joyful inhabitants are disunited and oppressed. But the main character of the game named Dandara appears, trying to restore order, return the old world, ridding the tyranny of the Eldar army. It will not be easy, you will have to get nervous while fighting enemies and solving puzzles. The plot is inspired by Egyptian mythology, and the timely story enriches the game line.

The gameplay is made from a side perspective. You control the heroine Dandara. The gameplay consists of exploring various secrets, jumping from platform to platform, overcoming various obstacles and tricky traps along the way. In this surreal world, there are no laws of gravity: you can jump over objects, move along walls and ceilings. Many puzzles are connected by gravitational riddles.

As the story progresses, the heroine collects additional equipment and pumps abilities to open access to new locations. She can shoot, hold on to vertical surfaces, and move in any direction. You will have to fight with numerous enemies, both with simple ones and with bosses, where you need to choose special tactics and use the best weapons, as well as cunning and speed. For killing opponents, you get crystals that can be used to improve skills.

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