Dirt Bike Unchained

Dirt Bike Unchained

  • Updated
  • Version4.4.20
  • RequirementsAndroid 9
  • GenreRacing
  • Google PlayOpen

Dirt Bike Unchained is an amazing racing simulator where gamers can master all aspects of riding powerful motorcycles. The game was made under the auspices of a well-known label closely associated with real sporting events. The participant will conquer many difficult tracks with sharp turns, jumps and other obstacles. Accelerating to exorbitant speeds, he will perform incredible stunts and win the honorary title of the winner.

The Dirt Bike Unchained game for android has two main modes. First, you should select the “Race” option, where it is possible to go through training races. The participant will get used to the controls and will be able to apply their skills on different tracks. For more experienced participants, the “Test” mode is suitable. It is characterized by high complexity, for successful passage you will need a partial or complete modification of the bike.

At the disposal of the gamer will be a large selection of unique motorcycle models, accurately copied from real samples. All bikes are designed for off-road riding. Over time, the user will be able to upgrade the vehicle: pump the engine, improve the suspension, change tires, put a new gearbox. Without this, he will not have a chance to defeat his rivals.

Dirt Bike Unchained races have realistic physics, original mechanics and a clear control system. To safely overcome the springboard, you need to accelerate to maximum speed. To do this, press the gas, wait for the bike to lift off the ground, then remove your finger. When entering a turn, tilt the body of the motorcycle. Sometimes, to perform dizzying stunts, you will have to do somersaults.

If the gamer could not accelerate properly, he will fall into the abyss. There will be other traffic participants on the track, but collisions are completely excluded. When scoring points, the technique of passing dangerous sections of the route is taken into account. You also need to collect gold stars along the way. Special mention deserves stunning 3D graphics, detailed animation and realistic sounds. You can download the game Dirt Bike Unchained for Android using the active link below.

Dirt Bike Unchained
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