GPS Emulator

GPS Emulator

GPS Emulator is a specialized tool that allows Android device owners to replace geolocation. The user can at any time specify a country and city that do not correspond to his real location. The utility will become an indispensable solution for those who visit resources that track smartphone coordinates.

The principle of operation of the GPS Emulator application for Android is extremely simple. The utility changes the indicators of the built-in sensor and transmits fictitious data. As a result, fake information is sent to the servers of social networks or gaming applications. The program has convenient functionality. The developers warn that the utility should not be used as a cheat in games. Administrators quickly figure out the violation and block the user’s account.

Features of GPS Emulator App

  • Selecting the desired coordinates on the interactive world map.
  • Setting up fictional travel routes.
  • Different display options: satellite, relief.
  • Ability to turn the Google Play service on and off.
  • You can manually enter fake addresses.
  • Friendly interface, convenient management.
  • Small volume, good optimization.
  • Manual entry of geolocation data.
  • Switching to the background.

You can download the GPS Emulator app for Android using the active link below.

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