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  • Version21.53
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.0
  • GenreTools
  • Google PlayOpen

Yandex is a search application with a modern voice assistant designed specifically for Android devices. The smart assistant for smartphones is capable of learning over time. The program’s responses are far from boilerplate standardized phrases. The program conducts a real dialogue with the user, as much as possible similar to an ordinary human conversation, and even knows a certain number of funny jokes. You won’t get bored with her!

The Yandex application for Android can launch the desired program on the device by voice command, answer any asked question, find answers on the Internet upon request, or simply keep the conversation going if you suddenly get bored. The assistant will display the answer on the smartphone screen or speak in a voice, depending on which option is preferable to the user.

Yandex learns during operation. If there are any difficulties with the answer to any question, the program will clarify the answer in Internet sources and amend the database so that next time it will be prepared for a tricky question. When communicating, the virtual assistant can use different emotional coloring for responses, depending on the context of the sentence. On top of that, he will not go into his pocket for a word and, if necessary, will show his character.

The developers are constantly working on the program, expanding the functionality and adding new features. However, there are some limitations in using the application: the assistant will not respond if the device screen is locked and if the smartphone is not connected to the Internet. The Yandex program even perceives simple spoken speech, and not just clear commands. The assistant has a close relationship with the rest of Yandex services.

Features of the application Yandex

  • Almost instant response to inquiries.
  • Accurate location on the service with maps.
  • The ability to open links on the Internet upon request.
  • The ability to launch on command any selected application installed on the smartphone.
  • Ability to voice the exact date, time and weather forecast.
  • Built-in calculator function.
  • Designation of the searched-for objects on the map with a flag.
  • Ability to plot a route from a given point A to point B.
  • Providing up-to-date information about traffic jams at the current time.

You can download the Yandex application for Android using the active link below.

Download Yandex for android free
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