• Updated
  • Version1.8.1
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.1
  • GenreHorror
  • Google PlayOpen

Granny is an exciting and creepy horror game with an interesting plot. From the very first minutes, the game immerses the user in a strange world full of dangers and difficult trials. Events unfold in an old mansion, where an embittered, half-witted old woman lives, who has long turned into a real fiend. The project is distinguished by an addictive plot, a gloomy atmosphere and will appeal to connoisseurs of the genre.

In the game Granny, the protagonist wakes up in a dark room and immediately realizes that he is in trouble. He does not remember how he ended up in this strange building. There is a flashlight on the table, which you need to take with you. The main task of the player is to go through the intricate maze of rooms and corridors in order to get out of the scary place. This is not so easy to do, because the old woman does not want to let the victim go. In order not to catch her eye, sometimes it is better to hide in a closet or under a bed. You can temporarily neutralize the grandmother with the help of a suitable weapon.

To escape, you will have to show cunning, dexterity and learn to calculate the actions of the enemy. The front door is securely locked, and the keys to numerous locks are carefully hidden in the house. The user will have 5 days to go through all the locations and find them. Along the way, you need to solve complex riddles, solve puzzles and look for other items that will help you find the path to salvation. You should move very carefully, because the crazy granny has a sharp ear. The floorboards creak a lot. This will allow the old woman to quickly track down the hero and bring him back to the dark room.

Features of the game Granny

  • Several options for passing and different levels of difficulty.
  • Anxious, tense background music.
  • Realistic graphics with excellent rendering of textures and characters.
  • Unpredictable intriguing ending.

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