Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor

  • Updated
  • Version2.3.8
  • RequirementsAndroid 6.0
  • GenreAdventure
  • Google PlayOpen

Hello Neighbor is an exciting Survival Horror adventure game with puzzle elements. Her main character is a brave and inquisitive boy. He suspects his neighbor of mysterious crimes and wants to find out what is happening. To do this, he will have to get into the basement of his house and reveal all the secrets. The user will have to avoid dangerous traps and solve many problems.

In the game Hello Neighbor, a boy accidentally finds out that his neighbor is breaking the law. Then he began his own investigation. He knows that the basement of the neighbor’s house hides some dark secrets. To open them, he tries to get there. But the vigilant intruder knows about surveillance, wants to find and brutally take revenge on the hero. To complete the mission, the main character will have to move carefully, because the villain has a delicate hearing. If he approaches, you need to have time to hide in a secluded place and wait out the danger. If you fail to escape or hide, the level will have to be completed again.

The quest consists of four parts. First, the main character will be a child, and then a fairly adult person. Mini-games are inserted between the acts. After passing them, you can get additional abilities. The levels are quite difficult, but there are no hints. If you can’t solve some problem, you will have to look for a clue in a neighbor’s house. To do this, you need to collect items and use them.

To understand the dark secret of a neighbor, one must be extremely careful. The player needs to constantly study and analyze the behavior of the enemy, which is characterized by unpredictability and inconsistency. Sometimes you need to increase the volume to the limit in order to hear the approaching steps of the mustachioed villain. In this case, you should try to run away or hide. There are many interesting and difficult puzzles in the project, and the chain of events does not always have a logical connection. Artificial intelligence calculates all the moves of the user and guesses his further actions.

Features of the game Hello Neighbor

  • Exciting missions with logic puzzles.
  • The area of the mansion and the number of floors are increasing.
  • The layout of the rooms and the general appearance of the premises are changing.
  • Different principles are used to solve puzzles.

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