Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

  • Updated
  • Version1.52.0
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreRacing
  • Google PlayOpen

Hill Climb Racing is an addicting racing game that will keep you on your toes at all times. The main character is an inexperienced racer Newton Bill. He is not afraid of difficulties and is always ready for exciting journeys and risky trips along unprecedented routes, where not a single car has ever stopped: Arctic, Moon, Roller coaster, Country road, Alien desert and others. Each location has a unique landscape and striking design. While driving on the road, you need to collect coins and fuel cans for refueling.

The main goal of the game Hill Climb Racing for android is to reach the maximum level, which will not be easy to get to, as the terrain of the road becomes more difficult with each new round. The project has a huge variety of vehicles for every taste: a bicycle and a motorbike, a dragster and an ekranoplan, an ATV and an SUV, a police car and an ambulance, a moon rover or a hippie van, and even a heavy military tank.

Hill Climb Racing graphics are perfectly adapted for mobile devices with different resolutions: smartphones or tablets. Find two buttons on the screen: in the lower left corner is the brake pedal, and in the lower right corner is the large gas pedal. Also in the center from the bottom, you can monitor the speed and rpm on an impromptu dashboard. At the top of the screen there is a fuel level scale, the distance traveled and the remaining kilometers, as well as the number of gold coins and crystals collected along the way.

Controlling a 2D car is quite difficult to figure out, because it is a racing car and is equipped with rear wheel drive, so it drifts with sharp acceleration. In the game, you will need to find a balance in management and feel the peculiarities of the vehicle’s movement, pressing the pedals alternately. Avoid skidding and emergency braking. Having got used to it a little and “unraveling” the zest of an entertaining racing game – its unique physics, you will drive with excitement round after round, forgetting about the passage of time.

If an accident happens on one of the roads, and you roll over from the wheels to the roof, the main character dies from the meeting of his head with the asphalt and the car pressing it from above. In this case, the round will start over, but the collected coins will remain. Game currency in Hill Climb Racing can be spent on “pumping” your vehicle or buying a new type of car. Make the engine more powerful, the transmission more reliable, and the suspension softer, shoe your “iron horse” in brand new tires. Share your achievements and interesting purchases by taking a screenshot and sending it to your friends list.

The developers of the game Hill Climb Racing have tried very hard on the variety of tracks and vehicles. On each road, the vehicle behaves differently. For example, on the Moon, the gravity is weaker than the Earth’s, so the car will be thrown into the air more strongly. Also remember that for each bravely performed trick you can get interesting bonuses and gold coins, just do not forget about safety precautions, because your young racer Newton Bill is very vulnerable and every unsuccessful somersault threatens the protagonist with a broken spine. You can download the game Hill Climb Racing for android using the active link below.

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