Hybrid Animals

Hybrid Animals

  • Updated
  • Version200572
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.1
  • GenreSimulation
  • Google PlayOpen

Hybrid Animals is an original simulator with arcade elements that will appeal to children and adults alike. The player will become a participant in incredible scientific experiments. He will cross a variety of living creatures, get hybrids of animals, fish, birds, insects and control their actions. Get real chimeras, endowed with unusual skills. They need to learn how to survive in the natural environment, get food, build housing, form colonies, and even create highly developed civilizations.

In the game Hybrid Animals, the user will first have a list that includes a huge number of living creatures. He needs to choose two basic animals, cross them and wait for the result. The connection occurs according to a complex algorithm that arbitrarily selects the dominant species features. The result is a unique hybrid with unusual external and physiological characteristics. The developers have come up with more than a million options for a variety of individuals.

In the simulator, you can experiment by crossing any species. For example, connect a sparrow and an alligator, an elephant and a fly, a giraffe and a seal, a bear and a bee. After that, the strange animal is transferred to a certain environment. There, the hybrid quickly looks around, adapts and begins to improve living conditions. Further, everything depends on the imagination of the participant. He can leave his character at the lower stages of evolution or turn him into a rational, highly developed being capable of founding a new civilization.

First in the game you need to properly explore the world around you and try to find your place in it. To get food, hybrids will have to hunt weaker creatures or collect wild fruits. But you can give them reason. Then incredible animals will begin to grow crops, breed livestock, build cities, build and develop infrastructure. Strong and agile chimeras will fight for the best territories with pets created by other players.

The simulator features characteristic graphics, made in the style of Low Poly. Management is simple, even a beginner will quickly master it. To move the character to the right place, just select the appropriate point on the large map of the virtual world. Along the edges of the screen are buttons that allow you to perform various actions. The developers have added multiplayer to the project. With it, you can arrange battles or build cities with friends.

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