• Updated
  • Version0.360
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreHorror
  • Google PlayOpen

METEL HORROR ESCAPE is a horror quest for thrill-seekers and adventurers. The events in the game begin when the hero of the plot comes to his senses in an unknown place, and in the house of a maniac, thirsty for blood, suffering, new victims. Being in the role of that very victim, you should not wait for a sad outcome – you need to try by all means to get out of the trap. This should be done as quickly as possible.

In the game METEL HORROR ESCAPE for android, you first need to try to get the key from the grate, into which the villain has put the main character. This must be done quietly, carefully, without unnecessary sounds and movements, without leaving any evidence behind him – otherwise he will see through and take away life. Moreover, only three attempts are given to escape. The situation is aggravated by the disgusting weather outside the window – winter snow-covered roads in every possible way prevent you from entering the safe zone. In order for the mission to be successfully completed, you need to crank up all the cases, without catching the eye of the villain. You will need to solve many puzzles, explore the territory of the room, collect the items necessary for the journey and do other interesting things.

METEL HORROR ESCAPE is a 3D first-person quest game that has a gripping and convoluted storyline. The player must help the hero defeat the ill-wisher, overcoming all possible obstacles on the way. The plot tells the story of a character who, upon returning home from work, was hit on the head with a heavy object and ended up in the villain’s house. Waking up, the player needs to be smart, make a lot of effort, solve complex puzzles in order to get out of the enemy trap. After solving one of the difficult problems – opening the cage, there will be difficulties in finding methods to escape from this terrible shelter – the doors are equipped with locks and security systems.

In METEL HORROR ESCAPE, all actions must be performed quietly, without unnecessary movements – before the maniac comes back, all things must be in place again so that the monster does not feel that something was wrong and does not catch the character in the escape. If he detects an open door, a moved object, the cell will be energized, which will greatly complicate the quest. You need to be prepared for frequent losses – some moments force you to go back into the cage and start over.

This fascinating horror with a sharp plot, beautiful graphics, dynamic development of events will not let you get bored, but, on the contrary, will make you stay for a long time in these bright events and go through all the tests. You can download the game METEL HORROR ESCAPE for android using the active link below.

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