Mini Block Craft

Mini Block Craft

  • Updated
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.1
  • GenreCasual
  • Google PlayOpen

Mini Block Craft is an interesting and addictive simulation game developed by Build Block Studio. The basis of the game is a constructor, from which the participant will have to create a completely new unique world. He will have almost complete freedom of action, without rigid rules and restrictions. He can engage in research, transformation and conquest of vast territories. Simplified and undemanding graphics in the style of Minecraft looks appropriate and does not spoil the impression. The simulator opens up huge perspectives for the user and provides many opportunities for interacting with the environment.

Mini Block Craft game for android has a simple and uncomplicated gameplay. The whole world consists of blocks of different sizes and shapes, with unique composition and characteristics. From them you can get the necessary materials. After that, you should immediately start building a house in order to provide yourself with a reliable shelter from bad weather, predators and evil monsters. Next, you need to start a farm: equip a farm for animals, dig up the ground and plant a vegetable garden. This will provide food and additional resources.

The player himself decides what will be his home. He can build:

  • small log house;
  • a beautiful stone castle with a fortress wall;
  • ultra-modern skyscraper with all communications.

The next important stage in Mini Block Craft is the exploration of the surrounding world. The process is fascinating and will take several hours. On the way, the gamer will meet many dangers. It can be attacked by predatory animals, creepy monsters and bloodthirsty zombies. To defend against them, you need to make a weapon. But it is difficult for one to organize an effective defense. Therefore, at this stage, it is advisable to unite with other participants. This will make it possible to jointly engage in construction, housekeeping, and fight opponents.

There are many treasures hidden in the vast unknown world of Mini Block Craft, so you need to go in search of treasures. Usually they are hidden in the most unexpected and secret places. Finding them requires special techniques and skills. Sometimes you can find a chest with gold buried in the ground only by relying entirely on intuition and guided by a special instinct. As the game progresses, the user will come across more and more valuable treasures. Treasures will allow him to gain influence and subjugate new territories.

Having enough gold, resources and controlled lands, the gamer can lead a strong clan. All game processes of Mini Block Craft are gradually accelerated, the gameplay becomes more interesting, the player gets additional opportunities. At this stage, he needs to think about how to more efficiently extract resources, where to invest the funds received, how to defend his territories from monsters and competitors. The project develops spatial and strategic thinking, teaches us to make informed decisions. The simulator will appeal to all fans of this genre. You can download the game Mini Block Craft for android using the active link below.

Mini Block Craft
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