New Revolution

New Revolution

  • Updated
  • Version0.7
  • RequirementsAndroid 6.0
  • GenreAdventure

New Revolution: Open-World Survival is an exciting action game with simulation elements that takes the player into a wild world full of dangers. Life used to flourish there, but an unexpected catastrophe turned the surrounding reality into a real nightmare. Civilization has perished, and crowds of bloodthirsty creatures roam the abandoned, doomed land. They did not really die, but turned into the living dead. Only a small group of people managed to survive the apocalypse. They are waiting for a merciless struggle for existence and for the remaining resources.

In the game New Revolution for Android, the user can select the appropriate mode. The single player campaign is easier, you have to explore maps, look for resources and useful materials, hide and kill slow but dangerous creatures. Another option is a battle for survival. The participant is transferred to a randomly selected location, where he is attacked by crowds of the living dead. His task is to survive and kill the maximum number of monsters. In multiplayer mode, you need to fight not only with zombies, but also with other participants. They fight for resources, which are very few in this strange world. The winner is the strongest, dexterous and lucky player.

The participant himself decides how his character will look like. He selects the initial equipment and the minimum set of necessary items. You can take some food, a knife, an ax and other useful things. As you progress through the player will be able to replenish supplies, improve armor and weapons. You also need to pump the character, giving him additional skills and developing existing abilities.

The project has beautiful and very realistic graphics with excellent detail and careful study of maps and characters. The soundtrack is well chosen and enhances the effect of presence. Convenient control makes it possible not to be distracted from the process. Smooth animation allows you to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay. The action will appeal to children and adults.

Features of the game New Revolution

  • Huge open world with good detail.
  • Different game modes, there is a multiplayer.
  • The ability to choose the appearance of the character.
  • Large selection of weapons and useful items.
  • High-quality 3D graphics, smooth animation.

You can download the game New Revolution for Android using the active link below.

New Revolution
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