Pirates Outlaws

Pirates Outlaws

  • Updated
  • Version3.64
  • RequirementsAndroid 6.0
  • GenreCard
  • Google PlayOpen

Pirates Outlaws is an addictive card game with strategy elements. The project takes the participant to cruel times, when pirate ships sailed on rough seas and terrified peaceful ships. He has to become a brave corsair and win honor and respect by force of arms. Dangerous adventures, bloody battles, skirmishes and many opponents await him. Controlling the main character, the player will visit secret bases, capture treasures and ammunition, board enemy ships.

The game Pirates Outlaws for Android has a peculiar gameplay. The user will have a deck of 250 cards. He himself must choose the appropriate ones in order to win in a given situation. During battles with other pirates, additional options drop out. They will help you find allies, increase your character’s armor and health, acquire the necessary skills, get more powerful weapons, mysterious artifacts, and other bonuses. This creates an effect of surprise, stirs up interest.

Pirates Outlaws is a turn-based story-driven game. The main character will sail the sea, visit different islands. He will often have to fight other corsairs. Among them there will be dangerous opponents and even bosses. The outcome of the battle will be affected by the health reserve. Initially, enemies have a higher indicator. To defeat them, it is important to properly use the available resources. In the deck, the player will come across cards that are responsible for the quick reloading of weapons, hit accuracy and impact power. Using them, you can inflict maximum damage on enemies. Some cards are opened only under certain conditions. For example, they need to be blown up.

The project provides for the selection of a suitable mode. Users will enjoy beautiful graphics in Low Poly style, cute design, convenient controls, well-thought-out mechanics and ample opportunities to improve the hero. There is a market that you should definitely visit. There you can sell, exchange or buy more effective cards. As you progress, it is important to upgrade your pirate and acquire additional characters. You can choose the appearance of the heroes, equip them and give them the necessary skills. This will help him assemble a strong and brave team that can easily cope with any opponents. You can download the game Pirates Outlaws for Android using the active link below.

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