Portal Knights

Portal Knights

  • Updated
  • Version1.5.4
  • RequirementsAndroid 6.0
  • GenreAdventure
  • Google PlayOpen

Portal Knights is a fun and addictive game that combines sandbox and RPG elements. The project takes the participant into a huge open world, where he is given complete freedom of action. Exciting adventures, unknown dangers, unexpected traps, cruel enemies and plenty of opportunities await him there. He will have to explore endless maps, descend into mysterious dungeons, use teleports, kill countless opponents and resist powerful magic.

The game Portal Knights for android has an original plot. It all started with a terrifying global catastrophe. As conceived by the developers, the vault of heaven collapsed and split the planet. It turned out thousands of islands that need to be assembled into a single whole. This must be done by a brave, intelligent and dexterous hero. But everything is not so simple. During the cataclysm, magical portals opened. Ancient demons and terrible monsters poured out of them, hungry for further destruction. The player will have to destroy the monsters and save the world.

To kill all the enemies, unite the fragments of the planet and learn the ancient secrets, the hero will have to visit all the islands. To move, he will use magical portals. This will allow him to instantly be on another island, but not only. Each time the character makes a portal jump, the two world shards merge. As you pass, the planet takes on a normal appearance.

To use the portal, it must be collected. It consists of 6 fragments that are inside the monsters or in the crystals scattered around the locations. In Portal Knights, the participant can choose any tactics of the game: kill demons or extract minerals. It is necessary to find and put all the pieces. Then a corridor will appear to move to the next island.

In Portal Knights, the player has to complete many difficult and dangerous missions, kill many enemies. For this, the system will charge him a reward. Experience points and coins can be used to upgrade the character. To successfully pass, you need to pump strength, dexterity, intelligence and other important characteristics or open additional abilities.

The project provides two game modes. You can explore the huge world alone, kill monsters and collect useful items. Or start multiplayer and complete missions with friends. This will give serious advantages and will allow you to cope with strong bosses that will be encountered as you progress through the locations. You can download the Portal Knights game for Android using the active link below.

Portal Knights
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