Scary Head Field

Scary Head Field

  • Updated
  • Version1.6
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreHorror
  • Google PlayOpen

Scary Head Field is a spooky atmospheric horror game with dark Gothic-style graphics and spectacular soundtrack. The game has an exciting plot, which features a terrible monster with a siren head. The participant sees what is happening through the eyes of the protagonist. He lives with his mother and father on the farm, where all the events will take place. One night the boy was awakened by a chilling sound. It turned out that the parents disappeared without a trace. It is impossible to explain what happened. The child runs out of the house in a panic and sees a strange silhouette. The monster resembles a giant pillar with huge loudspeakers.

The boy was left alone. But strange things began to happen in the vicinity. Then he decides to run. This will not be easy. The farm stands amid endless fields, with no one around. First you need to search the house and collect items that may come in handy. All closets and chests should be checked. There may be elixirs that can protect the hero from the siren’s voice. In the process of searching, you must not make noise! The monster has a keen ear and has already chosen a new victim. To leave the dangerous territory, you need to distract the monster and find a way. To do this, you will have to solve many difficult puzzles.

The developers of Scary Head Field perfectly managed to convey a frightening and disturbing atmosphere. The gamer is waiting for something terrible every moment and is constantly in suspense. A well-chosen soundtrack ensures complete immersion in the process. If you play with headphones, you can pinpoint the source of the noise. The participant will face many challenges. Particularly disturbing is the flying head of the siren, which monitors every action of the character and tries to interfere with him. To get out of the creepy house and find your parents, you will need an iron will, attentiveness and logic.

Features of the game Scary Head Field

  • Gloomy atmospheric graphics.
  • Search for useful items.
  • Lots of puzzles.
  • Convenient management.

You can download the game Scary Head Field for android using the active link below.

Scary Head Field
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