SCP: Classified Site

SCP: Classified Site

  • Updated
  • Version0.6.3
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreAdventure
  • Google PlayOpen

SCP: Classified Site is a fun action-horror game based on the popular Containment Breach game and also uses the development of the SCP Foundation. The game has an exciting and mysterious plot, interesting and dynamic gameplay, an eerie and frightening atmosphere and high-quality graphics with good detail. The participant will have to manage the actions of an employee of a scientific organization from the first person. There, in secret bunkers, incredible mutants are kept, posing a serious danger.

According to the plot of the game SCP: Classified Site for android, an emergency occurred at the facility. Due to a technical failure, all doors were opened. On freedom were creatures, from the mere sight of which creeps. The monsters declare a hunt for their former tormentors. To survive, you need to urgently find a way out and leave the secret base. This will not be easy. The mutants managed to block the central gate. To find an emergency exit, you must carefully examine all the premises, collect useful items, weapons, ammunition and clues that will point the way to freedom.

The main character of SCP: Classified Site will have to navigate a huge location, where dangers await him at every step. He is hunted not only by mutants, but also by employees of the organization. Sometimes you have to go into battle and shoot anyone who tries to prevent you from looking for a way out. High-quality multiplayer is integrated into the application. It allows you to play with your friends. The creators are still finalizing the project; over time, additional features will appear in it.

Features of the game SCP: Classified Site

  • Huge game location.
  • Gloomy and intimidating atmosphere.
  • Many different monsters and other enemies.
  • The ability to cooperate with your friends.

You can download the game SCP: Classified Site for android using the active link below.

SCP: Classified Site
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