Solar Smash

Solar Smash

  • Updated
  • Version2.3.4
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.1
  • GenreSimulation
  • Google PlayOpen

Solar Smash is a beautiful and incredibly realistic simulator with amazing effects. The game takes the participant into the vast space and gives him the most powerful weapon in his hands. The user will be able to see many amazing worlds. Thousands of light years separate them from his home planet. There, too, there is life and advanced civilizations. They know nothing of the imminent threat lurking at the edges of habitable space. The danger comes from an alien from a distant Earth who has installed this application on his smartphone. After all, he can instantly destroy any planet, star system, and even an entire galaxy.

In the game Solar Smash for Android, the player has limitless possibilities. He is appointed ruler, able to decide the fate of entire worlds. First, it is proposed to admire the beauty of the interstellar worlds, and then proceed to their destruction. To do this, you can choose a fairly sophisticated method. The player has the most powerful and destructive weapon that could come up with a human or alien mind. The arsenal has a laser that can burn through any space object or cut it into pieces. There is a setting that allows you to change the trajectory of an asteroid or meteorite and direct it to the desired point. Do not forget about nuclear missiles. A massive bombardment by multi-ton land mines will leave only dust and shapeless debris from the planet.

The simulator has incredibly bright and beautiful graphics with excellent rendering of the smallest fragments. The game impresses with the beauty of textures and high detailing of locations. All planets are presented in HD quality. Realistic 3D models allow you to view space objects from different angles. Even on small displays, the smallest details of the landscape are clearly displayed. The developers paid special attention to special effects. Each action of the player is reproduced with the highest accuracy. The destruction of planets is accompanied by bright flashes and other visual effects.

Features of the game Solar Smash

  • Original idea, exciting gameplay.
  • Reproduction of outer space.
  • Hundreds of different planets, systems, galaxies.
  • Large selection of unique weapons.
  • Colorful and realistic graphics
  • Convenient and clear control.
  • Great special effects.

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