The School - White Day

The School – White Day

  • Updated
  • Version21.1.100
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreHorror
  • Google PlayOpen

The School – White Day is a cult Asian horror game that perfectly conveys the atmosphere of hopelessness and primal nightmare. In the game, the participant is transported to a mysterious school building. As soon as night falls, the educational institution turns into a scary and wild place. Incredible monsters, restless ghosts and bloodthirsty creatures roam the dark corridors. There, in silence and darkness, ancient evil reigns supreme. His minions hate living people. When a stranger appears, the monsters go on a real hunt for him.

In the game The School – White Day, according to the plot, it all started with a fun holiday. To scare his girlfriend, the main character climbed into the old school. A funny joke turned into a fatal mistake. At first everything went well. Then the guy realized that he could not leave the abandoned building. Numerous classrooms, staircases and passages formed a terrible labyrinth. The corridors ended in dead ends. He began to rush around looking for a way out and suddenly discovered that there was someone else in the building. He found himself in the midst of a nightmare. To get out of there, saving your life and sanity, you will have to try.

The building is literally infested with all kinds of evil spirits. There are big monsters and small monsters. Not all of them are material, but each is dangerous. Evil spirits attack in the dark and in order to escape, the hero is forced to run through endless corridors. Desperate to find a way out, the guy decided to turn to the school watchman for help. To find him, he went through unknown dangers. But it turned out that a crazy man is no less dangerous than otherworldly creatures. The hero realizes that he has another enemy.

The only chance to escape is to try to find a way out of the creepy building on your own. And the user will help the hero. He must find a way to open all the doors so that the character can move freely around the school. He cannot stand in one place for a long time, as crowds of nightmarish creatures will immediately rush towards him. During the passage, you must be extremely attentive and careful so as not to become easy prey for them. You need to search all the nooks and crannies and try to find an emergency exit. Otherwise, the character is unlikely to survive until dawn.

To successfully complete the story, the participant will have to solve puzzles and strictly follow the prompts. Gradually the complexity of the riddles will increase. To move forward, you need to find various objects and interact with things. For the time spent in the building, the user is awarded points. You can use them to purchase the necessary items in a special store. All actions of the participant affect the difficulty of the game and determine its ending.

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