The White Door

The White Door

  • Updated
  • Version1.1.24
  • RequirementsAndroid 7.0
  • GenreAdventure
  • Google PlayOpen

The White Door is an addictive puzzle adventure game developed by Rusty Lake. The game has an interesting plot with a detailed background and different scenarios. Participants will enjoy the unusual and action-packed gameplay, convenient Point & Click controls and original graphics made in the style of minimalism.

In the game The White Door for Android, the user will have to immerse themselves in the routine life of a psychiatric hospital in order to help a difficult patient. He lost his memory and completely forgot his past life. Robert Hill found himself in a strange situation that radically changed his life. He found a mysterious door. If you open it, you can get into a parallel universe and become part of an immense and beautiful world. But something went wrong. As a result of an accidental mistake, all colors disappeared from the life of the protagonist. The man plunged into a gloomy black-and-white routine, fell ill with amnesia and ended up in a psychiatric clinic.

To help the unfortunate, you need to try to restore his past life. To do this, you will have to dive into the depths of someone else’s subconscious, find and understand memories, decipher strange dreams. A familiar routine will allow a person to remember details, restore memory and uncover dark secrets. This will return the lost colors to his life and help open the mysterious door.

The White Door game is a classic 2D top-down quest. The user needs to explore locations, solve puzzles, look for clues and active items. The game world hides many secrets. Hidden somewhere are the keys that will unlock all the locked doors in Robert’s subconscious. Each action of the player determines the further development of events. It is necessary to restore the routine of the character’s life. He will brush his teeth, get dressed, cook food and remember some details. Scattered fragments will take the form of visions that need to be deciphered.

The project has an unusual interface. The playing field consists of two parts. On the right, the player sees the current situation and can perform some actions. On the left, Robert’s visions are shown, pictures from his past, people and events are displayed. If you decrypt them, you can get important information. The design is dominated by minimalism. All locations are presented in the form of contour sketches, because the main character does not see the colors of life. Only in scenes of memories do colors appear. You can download The White Door game for Android using the active link below.

The White Door
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