• Updated
  • Version1.11.19a
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreSimulation
  • Google PlayOpen

TheoTown is a city-building simulator in which the user will have to build various buildings and objects. Thanks to the buildings, the life of citizens will be ensured, their health and well-being will be maintained. The player will be able to create the city of his dreams. However, before you start building, you should think carefully about how the buildings being built will be located. The project uses the principles of city formation as close to reality as possible, which means that all objects should be conveniently located relative to each other.

In the game TheoTown for Android, the future city is conventionally divided into zones: industrial, residential, commercial. And this is done so that they can interact with each other. You should think about what exactly the city needs for its development and maintaining a stable economy. Enterprises must produce products that are in demand on the market, the sale of which will allow them to receive good profits that can be used to replenish resources.

To form a personnel reserve and maintain the literacy of the population, schools, kindergartens, institutes, libraries, theaters, museums and other cultural facilities will be required. It is necessary to constantly monitor the development of various areas that ensure the livelihoods of the local population, regulate traffic flows and regularly repair roads in order to reduce the likelihood of traffic accidents.

Features of the game TheoTown

  • Construction of the city from scratch, starting with the selection of the optimal location and drawing up a plan for future construction.
  • Erection of residential, industrial and commercial buildings.
  • Arrangement of cultural, entertainment facilities and recreation areas – parks, squares, entertainment centers, theaters, cinemas.
  • Maintaining the level of literacy of the population through the construction of educational facilities – schools, libraries, institutes.
  • Regular monitoring of life in order to reduce the likelihood of emergencies.
  • Monitoring the level of health and mood of citizens.
  • Tracking climate change and its impact on life.
  • The possibility of dividing the city into separate industrial zones and ensuring the convenience of their interaction.
  • The assumption by the user of the duties of the mayor, the exercise by him of all the functions and duties relating to the administering power.
  • The ability to monitor the economy in order to timely replenish the resources needed by the city and the stability of its budget.

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