Toca Boo

Toca Boo

  • Updated
  • Version2.2-play
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreEducational
  • Google PlayOpen

Toca Boo is a fun arcade game with an original and interesting plot reminiscent of a classic horror movie. Only the user will have to play not for a frightened victim, but for a cute and rather harmless, albeit very harmful ghost. He will terrorize the peaceful inhabitants of the house, trying to bring them to panic. Events take place in a large old mansion. A family of ghosts has been living there for a long time. The tenants of the house often change, as they cannot come to terms with the antics of otherworldly creatures. But the last owners got used to the unusual neighborhood and are not going to leave.

In the game Toca Boo for Android, the main character is a ghost named Bonnie. He is the youngest in the family. It is his actions that the player will control. The character loves to scare people, but does it without any malice. It’s just his nature. In order not to be bored, the ghost comes up with all sorts of interesting jokes. He finds it funny when the tenants scatter in a panic, and then leave the house in a hurry.

The mansion has two floors, several rooms and many nooks and crannies where it is very convenient to hide. Every morning, Bonnie flies around the house looking for the owners. If people are still sleeping, the ghostly bully will only rejoice. He will wake them up with a loud clatter, the creak of floorboards, or the sound of broken crockery. Downstairs there is a dark and gloomy basement, where various things lie, and there is an old piano. You should definitely visit there! The sounds of ominous and eerie otherworldly music are sure to grab people’s attention and make them descend.

The hero has many options to scare unpleasant tenants. He knocks on windows, moves furniture, hides various objects. Bonnie perfectly knows how to make scary sounds, imitates the gnashing of claws, the tinkling of chains, muttering, moaning and howling. You can do whatever you want, the main thing is to survive self-confident tenants. But you have to be careful! People shouldn’t discover a ghost. When they approach, you need to hide quickly. To do this, just fly under the table, climb into the closet or hide behind the curtain.

The mansion is huge, it has many mysterious nooks and crannies. When you get tired of scaring the neighbors, you can explore the house. The location includes many secrets and interesting items that will come in handy during the passage. The character can even have a light snack by flying into the refrigerator. As you progress through the player constantly receives tips and advice. He is waiting for a fun adventure, funny characters and many unexpected surprises.

Features of the game Toca Boo

  • Huge map. The mansion has 2 floors, a basement, 6 rooms, and lots of nooks and crannies.
  • Funny and nasty neighbors. The little ghost will have to scare six pragmatic tenants who do not believe in him.
  • Various options for interacting with neighbors. You can knock on windows, slam doors, scatter things, make creepy sounds. The main thing is that people get scared and leave.
  • Lack of rigid binding to the plot, complete freedom of action.
  • Large fridge for delicious food.
  • Intuitive interface, simple operation.

You can download the game Toca Boo for Android using the active link below.

Toca Boo
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