Toca Life: Pets

Toca Life: Pets

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  • Version1.4-play
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreEducational
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Toca Life: Pets is a kind role-playing game with arcade elements where the participant has to get a cute pet, take care of it and travel through colorful and interesting locations. There are about 120 different creatures in the project. The player can choose a fluffy or smooth-haired, cute or creepy pet, get a penguin, a frog, a butterfly, a spider or a slug. There are also ordinary domestic animals: dogs, cats, turtles, birds. All of them look very realistic, although they are made in a cartoon style. The developers accurately reproduced the basic habits, character and lifestyle of the animals. They all need affection, care and constant care.

In the game Toca Life: Pets for Android, the user is waiting for 5 original locations. Together with his animal, he will have to visit many beautiful and interesting places for walking, relaxing and having fun. The participant will visit the park, the river, the dense forest and the mysterious caves. Everywhere there is something interesting, and a huge selection of places is simply amazing. It will take at least a week to explore them. This will ensure the comprehensive development of the pet. He will learn to swim, collect the necessary items, avoid obstacles, communicate with other animals.

The player can wander quite far and not have time to return home. In such a situation, he will have to stay in a special hotel for animals. It has everything you need to accommodate a variety of animals: comfortable minks, spacious aquariums and other facilities. A large pet can be left outdoors with a warm and soft bedding.

There are pet stores in the city that sell everything you need for the most exotic animals. You have to go there from time to time. There is a variety of food, toys and all kinds of devices necessary for the life and development of pets. Or the animal can get sick, get injured. It is advisable to find a good veterinarian in advance. It is necessary to regularly take your pet to him for examination and follow all the recommendations of the doctor. Then the animal will be active, cheerful and healthy, which is a prerequisite for a successful passage. The clinic has medicines, bandages and other things necessary for treatment.

Features of the game Toca Life: Pets

  • Over 120 completely different animals. You can take a kitten, a puppy, a turtle, a spider, a penguin and even a slug.
  • Huge world of 5 locations. The player will visit the forest, on the banks of the pond, in a cave, in a hotel, at the veterinarian.
  • Choice of any of the 23 characters featured in other Toca Life series.
  • Members have access to a variety of activities. He can walk with a pet, swim, play, visit a veterinary clinic, stay at a hotel.
  • At each location, the user is waiting for unexpected surprises.

You can download the game Toca Life: Pets for Android using the active link below.

Toca Life: Pets
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