Toca Mystery House

Toca Mystery House

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  • Version2.1-play
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreEducational
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Toca Mystery House is an addictive arcade adventure game developed by Toca Boca studio. The game has an interesting and original plot, addictive and consistent gameplay, nice cartoon graphics and simple controls. The participant will find himself in a terrible place where unknown dangers are hidden, he will plunge into a mystical and terrible atmosphere. The project is aimed at children, but adults will also like it.

In the game Toca Mystery House for android, events take place in a strange house on the outskirts of the city. The most incredible rumors are circulating about this mansion. Nobody lives there, but at night people see lights in the windows or hear mysterious sounds. They say that terrible monsters live in the house, that it is a secret laboratory for terrible experiments or a permanent base of aliens.

The mysterious mansion absorbs all uninvited guests, not releasing anyone back. Few people dare to get close enough to an abandoned structure, and the user will have to go inside. His task is to explore a huge house, go through the endless intricate corridors, visit all the rooms and unravel the gloomy secrets.

First you need to open the door and enter the mysterious building. The user will see an endless corridor and many rooms. He needs to visit every room and try to understand who used to live there, what he did, and also to establish the circumstances of his death. As you progress through the Toca Mystery House game, you need to solve riddles and look for items that can shed light on the mystery of this place.

There is a legend that the house scares only those who are afraid. Therefore, you need to stop being afraid. You should focus on exploring the rooms and not pay attention to the creepy and unusual things that are happening around. For example, do not listen to disturbing music or otherworldly sounds coming from other rooms.

There are many strange and creepy rooms in the house. In some, the floor and walls are covered in slime or spattered with blood. But the most terrible place is the long, cobwebbed staircase to the basement. It is there that you can meet creepy and dangerous creatures that can scare half to death. But you can’t linger. The mansion will not let the player go until he explores every nook and cranny and uncovers all the secrets of this cursed place.

Features of the game Toca Mystery House

  • Creepy and strange house, where there are many mysterious rooms.
  • Incredible creatures that live in an abandoned mansion.
  • Rooms with uneven or slimy walls and floors.
  • An evil monster that lives in the basement and makes strange noises.
  • A special laboratory where you can mix components, make potions.
  • Solving the most difficult puzzles that will help you unlock all the secrets of the mansion.

You can download the Toca Mystery House game for Android using the active link below.

Toca Mystery House
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