Ultimate Cat Simulator

  • Updated
  • Version1.1
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.1
  • GenreSimulation
  • Google PlayOpen

Ultimate Cat Simulator is an amazing simulation game where the participant has to control the actions of an adorable cat. The game lacks a consistent storyline. The cat lives in a large modern metropolis. First, the player needs to provide the pet with food. It can catch mice, rats and other small rodents. But the main source of food will be garbage cans. You have to dig through them to find food. Sometimes the hero can take food from weaker cats or beg for it from compassionate townspeople. It is important to find a shelter where the pet can rest, sleep, hide from bad weather or enemies. For this, a dry and warm attic is suitable. The ideal option is to find kind people who will take the kitten to them.

In the metropolis of the hero, various dangers await. Some of them are man-made. If the player looks badly at his character, he may get hit by a car, tram or train. You can not touch the electrical wires, otherwise the animal will be shocked. The city is inhabited by many animals with which you will have to fight. While the kitten is small and weak, mice, rats, skunks and other rodents can attack him. Adults should be wary of other cats and large dogs. There are evil people who can also offend a pet.

In the process of passing the participant will come across different quests. Passing them, he will be able to earn currency. It allows you to upgrade your character and change his appearance. The user can choose the type and color of fur, character, purchase some decorative elements. When creating a beautiful and unique cat, do not forget about buying additional skills. For example, a pet can learn to strike with its front paws, scratch, and surprise attack from cover. This is important, because he will meet very serious and strong opponents. If you wish, you can grow a huge cat like a house! The peculiar humor of the developers allows him to hunt people like little mice.

Features of the game Ultimate Cat Simulator

  • Open world, many interesting locations.
  • Spectacular battles with animal bosses.
  • The ability to team up with other players and gather a flock.
  • It is necessary to constantly monitor that the cat does not experience hunger and thirst, get enough sleep and rest.

You can download the game Ultimate Cat Simulator for Android using the active link below.

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