Under: Depths of Fear

Under: Depths of Fear

  • Updated
  • Version0.1.3
  • RequirementsAndroid 6.0
  • GenreHorror
  • Google PlayOpen

Under: Depths of Fear is an exciting adventure action game made in the horror genre. The game has a complex and interesting plot based on a frightening and creepy story. She takes the participant to a huge ocean liner that has crashed and is slowly sinking under the water. Also during the catastrophe, an inexplicable event occurred that brought to life insidious and dangerous entities. They roam the intricate maze of compartments and corridors, hunting down people.

The protagonist of the game Under: Depths of Fear for Android is a veteran of the First World War named Alexander Docter. He must destroy the terrible creatures and find a way to salvation. To do this, he needs to examine the ship and extract valuable items. But the hold is gradually filled with water. To slow down the dive, it is important to seal the damaged compartments. To do this, you will have to look for open passages, solve difficult puzzles and carefully look around. To solve the terrible mystery of a sinking liner, avoid traps and save your life, you will need dexterity, perseverance and logical thinking.

The player will have a revolver loaded with several rounds of ammunition. It is necessary to spend them sparingly, because it will not be possible to replenish the stock right away. A box of matches will help illuminate dark corridors to look for clues and the right things. In each room, the hero will find many active objects with which to interact. But you have to be careful! After all, treacherous monsters can wait for Alexander at every turn. Good graphics and well-chosen atmospheric music keep you in suspense and only enhance the realism of what is happening.

Features of the game Under: Depths of Fear

  • An interesting, complex, intriguing plot.
  • Addictive gameplay, scary atmosphere.
  • Many additional riddles and puzzles.
  • High-quality graphics with excellent elaboration of details.
  • Well-chosen music and soundtrack.

You can download the game Under: Depths of Fear for Android using the active link below.

Under: Depths of Fear
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