Zombie Hospital Tycoon: Idle Management Game

Zombie Hospital Tycoon: Idle Management Game

  • Updated
  • Version0.32
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreSimulation
  • Google PlayOpen

Zombie Hospital Tycoon is a very peculiar simulator with an unusual storyline from Hot Siberians. According to the plot of the game, there was a zombie apocalypse. An unknown virus broke free and turned most of the world’s population into bloodthirsty monsters. People who managed to avoid infection were able to adapt to new conditions. They took refuge in safe havens and started a normal life. Now their task is to help everyone who was struck by a terrible disease. Scientists have managed to create a special vaccine that triggers reverse processes in the body of monsters. After completing a course of treatment, zombies become humans again.

In the game Zombie Hospital Tycoon for android, the participant will have to manage a hospital where they make a vaccine and treat infected zombies. He must hire specialists who will work in the hospital: doing scientific research, performing procedures, caring for patients. For the facility to function normally, doctors, orderlies, paramedics, cleaners and other workers will be required. For successful healing, it is necessary to constantly monitor the condition of patients, prescribe courses of treatment, feed and entertain patients.

In Zombie Hospital Tycoon, if the player does not manage the hospital well, patients will experience outbursts of anger. Then they fall into a daze and turn into zombies again. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to carry out research and create new types of vaccines, improve the equipment of the hospital, and hire more highly qualified personnel. Over time, the user will be able to open new medical centers that can accommodate more patients. The application has a classic idle gameplay that is addictive and does not allow you to break away from the game.

Features of the game Zombie Hospital Tycoon

  • An original idea, an unusual plot.
  • Ample opportunities for the development of hospitals.
  • Scientific developments, treatment of monsters, rehabilitation of the sick.
  • Several types of infected zombies with different characteristics.
  • User-friendly interface, simple idle gameplay with classic controls.

You can download the game Zombie Hospital Tycoon for android using the active link below.

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