• Updated
  • Version2.6.260
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreAdventure
  • Google PlayOpen

Beholder is an exciting adventure strategy with quest and dystopian elements. The game takes the user to a brutal totalitarian state. It is ruled by the Great Wise Leader, who requires universal obedience and strict fulfillment of prescriptions. Total surveillance, denunciation and espionage flourish there. A minor offense is enough, and a black funnel will immediately rush after the citizen to arrest him and take him “where it should be.” People live in constant fear and try to hide any actions that may seem suspicious.

The protagonist of the game Beholder for android works for the government. He serves in the “secret department” that controls the entire population. Its purpose is to identify dissenting citizens who undermine the foundations of the state dictatorship. He will have to spy on people, install hidden cameras and eavesdropping devices, arrange searches, look for prohibited items and write denunciations. If, in the course of espionage activities, he reveals a dissenting or suspicious person, he must be filed, check all connections. After making sure of his anti-state activities, you need to report to the authorities and arrest the dangerous individual.

In Beholder, the user is free in his actions and decisions. Having collected incriminating information on someone, he can immediately turn in the offender and receive a bonus, give him a chance to improve or resort to blackmail and demand money. However, the latter option threatens the hero himself with a severe reprimand, demotion or even arrest. But the official salary of a spy is small, so sometimes it is worth taking the risk.

Beholder has a linear plot, but the ending of the game is not predetermined. The final depends on the user’s actions. Some actions can completely change the chain of events. Strategy characters constantly interact with each other. Each has a background, mission and ulterior motives. All this affects what is happening. The player will have to understand complex and confusing cases, solve numerous puzzles. To beat the game, you have to be very careful. Little things cannot be ignored. For example, skip dialogues from which you can glean important information.

This exciting game will appeal to a wide variety of users. To pass the Beholder, you need dexterity, attentiveness and logical thinking. A non-standard plot and addictive gameplay will make the process interesting and help you have a good time.

Features of the game Beholder

  • beautiful, well-designed graphics;
  • non-standard design of locations;
  • convenient and intuitive control;
  • unusual mechanics;
  • dozens of challenging missions;
  • intriguing plot and unexpected outcome;
  • well-chosen soundtrack.

You can download the game Beholder for android using the active link below.

Download Beholder for android free
Download OBB Beholder v2.6.260
278,49 Mb
How to install the Beholder cache
  1. Install APK
  2. Unpack cache folder to /Android/obb/
  3. It should look like this /Android/obb/cache_folder/file *obb
  4. Launch the application
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