Boom Beach

Boom Beach

  • Updated
  • Version47.159
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.0
  • GenreStrategy
  • Google PlayOpen

Boom Beach is an exciting strategy game with an original plot, where the player will have to side with the forces of good and enter into an uncompromising struggle against world evil. Dangerous adventures, risky attacks, fierce battles and priceless treasures await him. To win, he must develop his own unique strategy of behavior, set priorities correctly, use ingenuity and imagination. Moving from level to level, you need to explore a huge world full of beautiful landscapes, insidious opponents and incomprehensible objects that will definitely come in handy in the future.

In the game Boom Beach, the user will have to explore the length and breadth of a huge archipelago, consisting of many islands. On each he will meet dangers, enemies, treasures and magic items. The player’s task is to create, improve and defend their own base. He must also attack opponents, destroy and capture their defenses. The most powerful sources of power are contained in the old statues, which must be obtained.

The game involves two opposing sides. Ordinary users are fighting for some influential organization that protects the rights of the local population. They are opposed by members of a hostile order, calling themselves the Guardians of Darkness. They brutally exploit the natives, desecrate graves and temples, and rob defenseless people. Their goal is to get the Power Stones. These are powerful talismans that make warriors invincible and help to extract minerals. For their liberation, the inhabitants of the islands generously pay lucky players with gold or resources that are needed to develop protective structures.

The project offers participants an exciting gameplay. Each of them must build a secure base. Enemies will try to capture it. To avoid this, it is necessary to strengthen and defend the command post with all our might. If the opponents manage to eliminate it, it will completely destroy the defense, and the user will lose. In addition to the base in each location, it is necessary to build additional protective, combat and economic structures. Ammunition and all kinds of resources will be stored there. Some of the buildings are used as industrial premises. They are necessary for the production of building materials.

To equip an army and build a base, you will need resources: wood and gold coins. From wood, the player will build strategically important objects and strengthen existing buildings. The currency is needed for pumping the troops defending the camp. Especially high value are special crystals that slow down time. They allow you to complete the construction in minutes. At all locations, the user will find things that also speed up the construction of structures.

The project has excellent, beautifully detailed graphics. Bright textures and interesting characters allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game. Thoughtful mechanics and smooth animation enhance the realism of what is happening. Simple and clear control allows you to quickly get used to it and not think about how to perform the desired action. Music and sound accompaniment matched perfectly.

Features of the game Boom Beach

  • Huge game space, including dozens of unique islands. They need to be explored, looking for the right items.
  • Fascinating battles with the Guardians of Darkness. Protecting the base and rescuing the natives.
  • At each level, the user will have to face cunning bosses who are trying to occupy his land and destroy the base.
  • At each level, the participant is waiting for difficult missions and exciting adventures.
  • Hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world are fighting for the right to become the strongest.
  • Several types of buildings.

Boom Beach
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