US Conflict — Tank Battles

US Conflict

  • Updated
  • Version1.16.146
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.0
  • GenreStrategy
  • Google PlayOpen

US Conflict – Tank Battles is an exciting multiplayer strategy game with a captivating storyline, dynamic gameplay, stunning graphics, high-quality sound and convenient controls. The game takes the participant to an alternate reality. There is the Second World War, but events began to develop according to a different scenario. The Third Reich attacked the United States. The Americans were unable to stop the invasion, their army was defeated. It will take dexterity, logic and strategic thinking to save the country.

In the US Conflict game, the user will lead an American squad, which includes tankers and infantrymen. The participant is waiting for 12 difficult missions with a fascinating military plot. He will visit different cities captured by the Nazis. He will have to confront German tanks and combat aircraft. But you have to be extremely careful! In the ruins, the player is probably waiting for a sniper, ready to destroy the enemy. At the end there will be a final battle for Washington. The future of the entire continent depends on its outcome.

The participant can use any tactics and combine different styles of play. Someone prefers open clashes with the use of tanks and heavy artillery. Others are more interested in setting up an ambush, and then suddenly attacking enemies. You will need the ability to keep all-round defense and carry out cunning maneuvers. For each successful campaign, the user receives points. They allow you to receive reinforcements or shoot down the positions of the Germans with the help of artillery strikes.

At the disposal of the player will be grenadiers, arrows, marines and more than 20 types of equipment. He will be able to use tanks, armored vehicles and powerful guns. The developers paid special attention to the graphic component. All equipment is drawn in great detail. Settlements, fields and forests are worked out in great detail, which enhances the realism of what is happening. Well-chosen music allows you to fully immerse yourself in the process.

The strategy has many different maps, where large-scale battles take place in real time. The player can choose from the United States, England, France, the Soviet Union, Japan, Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and the Third Reich. Each state has its own military equipment and weapons. Good multiplayer provides high quality mass fights. The project provides a unique opportunity to face users from all over the world and become a winner.

US Conflict — Tank Battles
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