Epic Mine

Epic Mine

  • Updated
  • Version1.8.6
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.1
  • GenreArcade
  • Google PlayOpen

Epic Mine is an epic arcade game with an intriguing storyline, addictive gameplay and nice graphics. Its main character is an experienced and brave miner. He goes to the deepest mines to find friends and discover the most cherished secrets of the underworld. At the deep levels, he will meet monsters. To move forward, you have to fight them. They guard places where precious metals and stones can be found, as well as chests with ancient treasures.

In the game Epic Mine, according to the plot, it all started with an accident at one of the deep levels. A powerful explosion covered the passages and blocked several miners. Without outside help, they cannot get out of the rubble. They have no food, water or even light. If the main character does not have time to find his friends in trouble, they will inevitably die. The player will have to go down into the bowels of a deep mine and save friends.

Unfortunately, there is no complete map of the underworld here. But there are rumors that the upper explored levels are connected to mysterious miraculous corridors that go deeper and reach the center of the Earth. The project has secret passages and secret doors. To find the passage, you need to look very carefully around. Many of the doors are camouflaged and blend into the tunnel wall.

Some barriers will have to be destroyed. The game perfectly shows the process of wall collapse. Graphics and sound effects enhance the realism of what is happening. Do not chisel the rock in the heat of the moment, as this can dull or break the tool. Every wall has an extreme point. A weak blow to the right place is enough, and the barrier will collapse.

During the search, the player will come across various interesting items. By collecting them, he will be able to improve the working tool. After all, the miner set off on a journey with the most ordinary pickaxe. And her strength and character strength are not enough to destroy the strongest walls. You also need to pump the hero himself, buying him new skills and abilities. The store sells a variety of picks. Each copy has certain advantages. It should be borne in mind that this is the only weapon of the hero.

Features of the game Epic Mine

  • The deepest dungeons with branched passages.
  • Full of dangers path to the center of the Earth.
  • Rescue of friends blocked in the mine.
  • Search for gold, precious stones and treasures.
  • Destruction of evil monsters.
  • Battles with strong bosses.
  • Ability to buy or upgrade a pickaxe.
  • Getting the hero of additional skills.
  • The fascinating process of exploring a deep mine.
  • Beautiful special effects when destroying or undermining walls.
  • Many secret passages, hidden doors and gloomy underground secrets.
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