Evolution of Species 2

Evolution of Species 2

  • Updated
  • Version1.2.1
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.1
  • GenreArcade
  • Google PlayOpen

Evolution of Species 2 is a fun and exciting arcade simulator where the participant can test himself as a creator. In the game, he will move to one of the thousands of distant planets and try to create life there. Unusual passing mechanics and addictive gameplay await him. The player will be free to experiment with the structure of DNA. This will endow new organisms with the qualities necessary for survival. The project has a nice graphic design and easy control.

Evolution of Species 2 has a single player campaign and a full multiplayer mode. Each option has its own characteristics and opens up interesting possibilities. First you need to choose a suitable planet with certain conditions. It is necessary to take into account the average annual temperature, the presence of liquid water, the composition of the atmosphere, pressure, radiation levels, the presence of vegetation and other important factors.

Then you can start creating a new world. To do this, go to a special editor with many settings. There the gamer will create the first creature. He himself chooses the basic parameters of the simplest individual: shape, size, color, number of limbs, number of eyes, and so on. The given characteristics affect the viability of the individual, which will have to adapt to the environment. As you progress through the game Evolution of Species 2, the user will be able to upgrade his ward.

The top left shows the number of DNA points that are needed for further changes. They allow you to expand the capabilities of the creature and give it additional skills. To earn them, you need to eat plants and other individuals that are smaller in size. To do this, you need to smoothly move around the playing space and attack opponents. But the gamer’s microorganism can also become a victim of the struggle for survival and natural selection.

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