Faily Brakes

Faily Brakes

  • Updated
  • Version29.4
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.0
  • GenreArcade
  • Google PlayOpen

Faily Brakes is an incredibly dynamic and addictive arcade game that has gained immense popularity. In the game, the participant must help the main character – a certain Phil Faile – drive off the mountain in a car whose brakes have completely failed. It will not be easy to do this, because the track is full of various obstacles. To safely reach the finish line, you will need attentiveness, dexterity and complete immersion in the exciting gameplay.

Faily Brakes game includes many locations with original design. On each track, gamers will encounter various static and dynamic obstacles that will have to be avoided. If the player knocks down a road barrier, the character will not be harmed. But a collision with another car, a moving train, a lamppost, a huge block of stone or a tree can lead to injury and even death of the protagonist.

The goal of each level is to overcome the maximum distance without getting into an accident. Scattered along the road are gold coins and bonuses that need to be collected. This will unlock additional car models. They differ only in appearance, specifications and controls do not change. If desired, you can personalize the character with cute and funny skins.

To control the car in Faily Brakes, two arrows located at the edges of the screen are used. During the movement, it is thrown from side to side, and it is important to deftly maneuver in the stream of cars. If the gamer crashes into another obstacle, the game will end and everything will have to start over. Realistic physics will appeal even to experienced users. Beautiful and well-designed graphics make a good impression.

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