Grow Castle

Grow Castle

  • Updated
  • Version1.38.10
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.1
  • GenreArcade
  • Google PlayOpen

Grow Castle is a dynamic and original strategy game that takes you back to the days of knights and tower fortifications. In the game, the participant will have to defend his territory from enemies. Becoming the leader of the tower, you need to improve and develop this defensive structure. And do everything so that the enemies do not harm civilians. In the arcade, the user expects a large selection of units, unlimited tactical options, exciting battles. The project will appeal to gamers of all ages.

In the game Grow Castle for Android, the main goal is to protect your fortress at any cost. In the beginning it will be a small lone turret. And on its defense there will be only three heroes. The first enemies to lay eyes on the tower will be strange blue creatures. Defeating the monsters is not difficult, because the characters quickly shoot from their bows. Winning the battle will raise the skills of the heroes to a new level. Then it will be possible to pump the tower. It is better to do it evenly, otherwise even the strongest warriors will not be able to protect weak points.

Only three characters are available to the player at first. As you progress, new characters will appear, each will be a little stronger than the previous one. In addition to the main characters, there are also minor ones. Initially, it will be a small detachment of archers, located right behind the fortification. Subsequent archers may be replaced by other soldiers. The main defensive units are archers and mages. The latter are able to open fire on the enemy using magical fireballs. They aim at a target – a magical figure, vaguely reminiscent of a pentagram, which helps archers aim more accurately.

The entire gameplay of the arcade is divided into many levels, where a certain number of battles are provided. To move to a new stage, you need to go through them all. The levels are drawn on the map and, if necessary, it is allowed to replay any of them. Game currency is presented in the form of crystals and coins. The latter are easy to earn, and gems come across less frequently. At first, resources will accumulate quickly, but as the army grows and the castle strengthens, the money will quickly run out.

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