Grow Zombie VIP

Grow Zombie VIP

  • Updated
  • Version36.5.4
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreStrategy
  • Google PlayOpen

Grow Zombie VIP is an exciting and unusual arcade clicker with elements of a logic game, where the theme of the apocalypse is presented in a new way. The world is filled with crowds of dangerous mutants who destroy ordinary people. But this time the gamer will take the side of the evil monsters and challenge the rest of humanity. He will act as a mad scientist and will create bloodthirsty zombies.

In the game Grow Zombie VIP for Android, a peculiar passing mechanic is implemented. It involves the use of a special technique for merging objects. By connecting two identical individuals, the participant will receive a completely new creature with certain characteristics. Gradually, he will be able to pump his wards, developing primary skills. This will allow the evil genius to win.

Each mutant has its own advantages and disadvantages. This must be taken into account when selecting a squad for the next task. Some creatures have unusually strong armor, but are slow and clumsy. Others can move at high speed, but quickly lose health. Third zombies are able to pass through walls or become invisible and so on.

Battles are automatic, zombies attack enemies on their own. During the battle, the gamer cannot influence the course of events in any way, it all depends on the composition of the squad and the level of pumping of the fighters. In case of victory, the participant receives game currency and genome samples. The latter will allow you to create stronger, dexterous, fast, hardy and invulnerable mutants.

The gameplay consists of separate missions that gradually become more difficult. People do not want the end of the world and come up with new means of fighting monsters. To resist them, you must constantly improve the composition of your army and replenish it with new individuals. The strategy has a kind of pixel graphics, pleasant soundtrack and simple controls. You can download the game Grow Zombie VIP for Android using the active link below.

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