Guns of Glory

Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask

  • Updated
  • Version8.1.0
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.0
  • GenreStrategy
  • Google PlayOpen

Guns of Glory is a multiplayer city-building strategy game that takes the player to the Middle Ages. The enemy Cardinal seeks to take over the country and plunge it into darkness. The kingdom is in danger, there are many battles and battles to defeat the enemy, deprive him of his crown and glorify the country. The user will have to create a powerful army, using all their commanding and tactical abilities to completely defeat the enemy.

In the game Guns of Glory for android, under the command of a gamer, there will be different types of troops. Infantry with lances and muskets, arrows and cavalry. All of them can be improved, thereby strengthening your army. Any individual type of troops has its own specific advantages, but it is not without its drawbacks. They must be placed and used correctly. The project provides an opportunity to independently build all kinds of artillery structures and arrange various traps for the enemy.

In Guns of Glory, the participant will have his own castle, which will provide an opportunity to hide from the enemy, provide assistance to wounded soldiers, train and train soldiers, and acquire new knowledge and skills. On this territory, you can build various facilities for the extraction and storage of reserves, as well as develop trade relations. The main thing is the security of your own castle. It is necessary to build strong and reliable walls, and improve them whenever possible.

The most epochal invention in the game is the airship. It can be improved with the appropriate parts, and it will be an almost indestructible and quite powerful weapon. With it, it will become much easier to attack enemy castles, fight beasts, defend your territory and extract resources.

The strategy also provides for the development of the lord himself. You can improve skills that give you an advantage in defense, attack or trade. There is also an opportunity to provide the main character with various items that offer impressive rewards. The Creature and Guardians will always be at the service of the lord – faithful helpers. Their uniforms and abilities can also be improved.

Guns of Glory is a multiplayer strategy, the player can always count on the support of his allies. This will help to carry out any developed operation and win a joint victory over the enemy. Supporters will help speed up the construction of buildings and various structures by providing the necessary resources. They will also assist in the storming of the enemy’s castle or the defense of their estate.

Features of the game Guns of Glory

  • Online strategy with multiplayer mode.
  • Ability to combine different types of troops.
  • Airship as a unique and destructive weapon.
  • Own territory with a castle and all kinds of facilities.
  • Alliances, general military operations, trade relations with other players.
  • Lots of fun quests and challenges.

You can download the game Guns of Glory for Android using the active link below.

Guns of Glory
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