• Updated
  • Version33.0.5
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.4
  • GenreArcade
  • Google PlayOpen

Hide.io is an entertaining multiplayer arcade game where gamers play hide and seek online. The mechanics of passing the game depends on the role that the user gets. He can become a “victim” and try to disguise himself so that he is not detected until the end of the match. And the “hunter”, on the contrary, must have time to find everyone who is hiding in a large location.

The round in the Hide.io game for Android lasts only 3 minutes, so the gamer does not have time to think. If he is a “victim”, you need to quickly find a secluded place and hide there. It is important that the character can transform into various objects. Therefore, you should inspect the location and turn into a box, barrel, dumpster or chair. The thing should naturally fit into the environment.

To successfully play for the “hunter”, you will need attentiveness, logical thinking and a good visual memory. The user sees what is happening in the first person. Once at the location, you need to carefully examine the area and analyze the situation. If the object looks unnatural, it should be “exposed”. Gradually, the player will memorize the cards and immediately detect changes.

In Hide.io, the user has 5 lives. In the event of a mistake, he loses one and may lose. Do not poke at all suspicious objects. But you need to hurry! If by the end of the round the participant does not find all the players, the victory is credited to the “victims”. For a successful passage, you must act quickly and not stand still for a long time.

For each victory, the participant receives coins. They can be spent on buying various upgrades. The store has extra lives and other bonuses. There is also a large selection of original skins that will help diversify the gameplay. The graphics in the arcade are made in the Low Poly style, which will not spoil the impression of the exciting process. You can download the game Hide.io for Android using the active link below.

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