Hoard Master

Hoard Master

  • Updated
  • Version0.7.5
  • RequirementsAndroid 6.0
  • GenreArcade
  • Google PlayOpen

Hoard Master is a colorful and funny arcade game that offers the participant an exciting and unusual gameplay. In the game, he will have to control a black hole in the ground, capable of absorbing various objects. Its dimensions gradually increase, which allows you to tighten ever larger things. Each captured object can be exchanged for money to invest in pumping. This is the essence of a simple but interesting project.

The game Hoard Master consists of dozens of unique levels. At each location, the gamer will see a lot of valuable items, the size of which is gradually increasing. Initially, the hole will only be able to absorb small gold coins, but over time it will grow and begin to suck in large gold bars, gems, treasure chests, and so on. It is important that not a single object remains on the island.

After completing the level, you need to move to a special place. There, the hole is emptied, all the tightened items are sent for recycling, and funds are credited to the participant’s game account. The earned currency should be spent on improving the most important parameters of the hole. Over time, the user will be able to upgrade its capacity, size and speed of movement. This will open up new territories and continue the game.

Impressive is the simple, but nice and colorful 3D graphics of the project, made in a minimalist style. Hoard Master gameplay is accompanied by positive background music that uplifts the mood and creates a carefree atmosphere. A virtual joystick is used to move around the locations. The absorption of objects occurs automatically when approaching them. The arcade will appeal to children and adults.

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